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Published On: Mon, Oct 19th, 2020

Andy Blunda: Pulling For You 

Andy Blunda
Pulling For You
(Andy Blunda)

Andy Blunda shows his obvious solid sense of pop song construction on his new EP, Pulling For You.

“Low,” opens with keys and a swaying beat, with a single note over the top. The addition of a low plaintive vocal and walking bass sets the mood for the well-constructed yet slightly melancholic tracks that follow. We get the title track next, starting with Blunda singing over the top of an acoustic (something he will do more than once on this EP) but a sure beat gets us up and moving before a minute, and Blunda gets “all sexy with it,” delivering a sly vocal. The “oh oh oh’s” make the song very infectious.

“Fall,” is built around a slight reggae shuffle, a welcome change-up three songs in. The chorus opens the tune into almost a Duran Duran-like sing-able few lines, with perfectly placed harmonies. Again, Blunda’s voice mines a sexy vein here, for what I feel is the best tune on the album.

Once again, we get acoustic starting a song, on “Carry On,” the love song that ends Pulling For You. I like this ballad, especially because Blunda didn’t go where I expected, having listened to the four tunes before. No beat sliding in, or a specific layering of keys, he stays to the almost-country sound (the brushes of pedal steel and banjo), keeping the song tight to what it began as. This is masterful song construction and subtle playing to end  Pulling For You, an exquisite EP.

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Andy Blunda: Pulling For You