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Published On: Wed, Nov 11th, 2020

David Thompson: the wall

David Thompson
The Wall
(Star Hermit)

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A piercing synth single line gets us into the mechanical beat of “time,” the frantic opener of David Thompson’s latest Ep the wall. He keeps up the arpeggiated beat and fast snapping, setting us locked and loaded for the vibe of the next four tracks that’s coming.

A slightly softer approach informs the title track that follows. Again, we get the brush of arpeggiated keys and a drum machine snap, but on this one, we also get a good listen of Thompson’s voice and quite a poppy chorus and a flighty, little synth mirroring the melody; very infective stuff, indeed. On this one, Howe Pearson lends his lead guitar strikes.

“This goon cant,” follows, a layered key work, pretty much what one would have to call a ballad. As I often find on the wall, Thompson often counters bleak lyrics with his poppy synth noodling. It’s a dichotomy many artists before have tried and managed to various degrees of effectiveness. Thompson manages it well.

“Clair” is a great mover, with a fun popping bass and shimmery guitar effects. It’s written in a sly 60’s psychedelia style, with Thompson managing his best flights of warbly vocal. By far, this is my most favorite tune on the wall.

The jumpy waver-y synth sounds and snapping beat of “obsession” ends this EP. Overall it’s a pretty papery thin tune, maybe a good counterpart bass or wash of some lower keys might have given this one more meat. I’m sorry to say the occasional creative drumming here does really make it more than a lackluster offering and ender. But this shouldn’t mar what is pretty much a mature effort of good solid stuff from David Thompson.

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David Thompson: the wall