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Published On: Wed, Dec 30th, 2020

Paul Maged: Culture War

Paul Maged
Culture War
(Paul Maged)

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A single slicing guitar melody line and power chords inform Culture War’s quick snapping, the beginning tune of Paul Maged’s new album of the same name.

“Simplicity” sees the first of what Maged can manage vocally, solid harmonies, and some excellent lead guitar work. Although I like “Culture War,” the quieter moments on this second tune, mixed and matched with a sing-able chorus (and we get lots of those here), makes this the better of the opening tunes for me.

Piano lays under Maged managing a high-floating vocal tone on “We Are.” The requisite drums and power chords step in to create a typical power ballad, and although heavy with lots of passion, the lyric here is not one of the better of these ten. “Whoa oh’s” open (and appear later) on “Cult 45.” A snappy punk-pop song with great harmonies, once again, sing-a-long-able moments, and some good countering guitar, this might be my most favorite on Culture War.

We get rimshots and piano (again) in “The Saturday Scene.” The cleverest (and quickest sung) lyric of these ten, this seen-of-the-scene story song sees Maged delivering another wonderful vocal.

An acoustic guitar slips and slides under snare hits as Maged gives forth on the state of things on the ender, “When Dreams Don’t Come True.” Again, he’s trying too hard with the lyric, but as with all he manages on this, his 4th full length, the production and playing is spot-on, and like with many here, it’s a well-written tune.

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Paul Maged: Culture War