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Published On: Fri, Jan 15th, 2021

THE SEX FILES: Happy 2021?

Scrolling across Clips4Sale, as I do for research (and only for research), I came across an interesting fact. Presently, they are celebrating International Fetish Month. Originating in England as National Fetish Day, for the first time, on January 21st, 2008, it soon morphed into International Fetish Day for the very next year, recognized on January 16th.  Now we are into (according to the good folks at C4S) a full fetishy month, and you can enjoy these clips to celebrate.

Come to 2021 now, like you all; I’m wondering what we will be left with when the lockdown, COVID-19, the new-anything but normal-clears. We thought 2020 was hard, but I’m thinking that getting back on our feet for 2021 might be just as difficult, in its way. And where will we be left where sex is concerned?

It was sure hard getting one’s kink on during 2020 (at least ‘getting it on’ with somebody else in the room), and I am damn sure people came up with some very creative Facetime sex solutions. But before we managed the one-handed tickle watching porn or our partner across Skype because we wanted to. This past year, we had little choice but to engage our more prurient interests remotely, and for but a few occasions, I’d have to weigh in that do ‘it’ this way sucked!

I especially feel for the kinksters I’ve met at the various kink conventions I have taught at over the years. These long weekends were perfect for folks who didn’t so much get to exercise their desires during the year (or did so infrequently). These meet-ups were as much vacations as highly in-person social outings where people got to cut loose and enjoy like-minded pursuits that are as far from the mainstream as one can get.

What did these folks do during the lockdown, and will they ever get back to doing what they so loved to do?

We are social beings, and I am sorry to say, social media doesn’t cut it…for anything. Especially when it’s the only game in town and when what we might want to be social about is rubbing our pink parts against somebody else’s pink parts. Digital pales in comparison to real life in every way.

Maybe (but I doubt it) when we are all up and running around again, vaccines have taken hold, and we finally feel safe (and I dare say, some people won’t ever feels safe and will be wearing masks for the rest of their days when they get out and about) we’ll appreciate one another a little more? Maybe we will come to regard fetishes, kinks, any pursuit, calling, or even differences of political opinion as ultimately somebody’s right and their business? Perhaps we will be just more civil, pluck our noses from our phones finally, want to be present and not posting? Maybe we will come to realize how precious life really is and, in that appreciation, begin a new hedonism across the globe?

Shit, I don’t know. I don’t hold lots of hope for us and our monkey brains. Look at how stupid we are when it comes to the addiction we have to our cell phones; life passes us all by all the time, and we don’t even care to lift our heads to notice. We tend towards that which is easiest and that which we can control instead of trying to scale the real difficult hurtles (like living life) and being humble enough to realize we can’t do everything.

Here’s hoping for a sexy, fun, downright filthy (in the best way) 2021 and getting out and about with one another finally, all in the safest and healthiest way possible. Happy 2021? But it’s up to you what you do with it.

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THE SEX FILES: Happy 2021?