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Published On: Wed, Mar 24th, 2021

Keen Garrity: Get Big

Keen Garrity
Get Big
(Keen Garrity)

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Keen Garrity mixes country wry lyric story-song sensibilities, big pop sounds, and, dare I say, even a smidgen of prog on her debut Get Big.

The girl-group meets 70’s pop “Shotgun,” opens…with a genuinely fantastic humorous lyric behind it. Will Malone’s leading over the top of the keys (his lead work throughout these eight is excellent) and layered vocals are just perfect. A stomping beat, some low back synth, and those great layered female vocals call out a warning on “Casting You Out.” Again, Will Malone lifts things beyond the synths and low roil.

I think there might actually be a theremin used on “Walkabout/Stroll On,” another lover-becomes-bad guy tune. Again Keen has some real fun with her run-together lyric, layering of instruments, and wonderful ability at harmony and production. This one is just so naughty and sly; I love it.

We get true country on the rimshot led story song “Get Big.” By the time we get this title track, about halfway through, I was hoping to hear some straight-ahead stuff without such laden keys.  We get it here on this fantastic tune.

“Statuesque,” another more straight-forward modern-country ditty, ends. Again Garrity (for those who care, her real name is Rebekah Burchfield) kicks it out of the park on all ends on this ender; great songwriting, top production, harmonies, the perfect placement of Malone, and spot-on lyric speaking to the narrator’s empowerment.

Keen Garrity’s debut Get Big is a very big debut. You really need to hear this album.

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Keen Garrity: Get Big