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Published On: Fri, Apr 9th, 2021

Electric Treatment Free

Electric Treatment Free, is an ambient five-song release rendered by Mark Uygur playing his computer. The sweeps and synths of “study 4” opens. We come into layered arpeggios. but Uygur quickly shows his musicianship by employing some stop-and-go playing and allows the kinetic stuff to slow into a more complicated melody…then we get back to the fast runs. It’s fun stuff, although it doesn’t lift much more from where it starts.

“andrei’s bright day” follows, starting with a repeated section with some crunchy sounds then a scream; we get into some discordant piano sounding runs, then we are out.

“the brother of sleep” opens with the sound of a ringing telephone growing louder and an electronic prompt telling you to leave a message, then we get childlike sing-song keys with a word message left about a loving son returning. There is more nonsense rambling to end the tune.

We get much more substance and fun with the next tune, “maths (Conlon guitars).” Uygur’s fingers are flying here as he manages to sound like he’s channeling Stanley Clarke. It’s a very tight little cool riff he rolls around.

“fort smith ends,” Electric Treatment Free. Here we once again get the piano sounds Uygur can replicate with his computer, and he shows some solid composition skills with his quickly executed runs and some interesting chording. Then at just about the one minute and a half mark, he sails in with a heavy beat and wild guitar playing, then a spoken word warning, into arpeggiating keys and more snippets of distorted wordplay. It’s a very interesting little world Mark Uygur brings us into on Electric Treatment Free.

For more info on the album and to buy, you can visit the bandcamp page.

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Electric Treatment Free