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Published On: Fri, Apr 30th, 2021

Blue Water Highway: Paper Airplanes

Blue Water Highway
Paper Airplanes
(Start Swimming)

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The baker’s dozen of Blue Water Highway’s new album Paper Airplanes, is simply perfect.

The anthemic ballad title track opens. Simple piano, atmospheric guitar sounds, and oh-so-rich three-part harmonies sailing across the poignant chorus melody get you right where you live. Keys from keyboardist (and vocalist) Catherine Clarke and an off-center beat brings us into another heart-breaking melody, on “Sign Language.” And we’re just three songs in!

If the harmonies here were wonderful up to mid-way of this album, which they certainly are, on the spacey-backed ballad of “Bird on a Live Wire,” they are particularly rich. This is one of lead singer Zack Kibodeaux’s best vocals and another sweet little gem from a band I feel really shines when they are at the most studied and quiet.

I love the thickly layered synth lines that make up the short “Parallaxis (Interlude)” leading into the beginning of a U2-sound on “Council Highway.” Suddenly we are into some neo-pop country, a genre this band dips into often here.

We get a harmonica, the nice upfront sound of Kyle Smith’s bass on the poppy “Goodbye Jon,” piano, low strings, and again those oh-so-sweet harmonies on the tear-jerker “Funny Man,” but my heart really broke (in a good way) over the penultimate “Stargaze.” Just string synth, some simple arpeggio piano, and a delicate vocal from Kibodeaux, this is the best song for me on this album with lots of great songs.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the other member of the band, guitar player as much as a singer helping to create the signature harmonies here, Greg Essington. Yeah, you so gotta get your hands on Blue Water Highway’s Paper Airplanes.

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Blue Water Highway: Paper Airplanes