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Published On: Mon, May 3rd, 2021

Crack The Sky: Tribes

Crack The Sky
(Carry On Music)

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You might not exactly know who Crack The Sky is…especially if you are under forty and not a prog-rock head. But I’d advise you to go seek out this American band’s new release, Tribes, as well as all the other stuff they released since their debut in 1976. As with this new collection of thirteen, the band delivers a wide range of genres, great playing, and tight songwriting from their leader John Palumbo.

From the opening heavy hits of the title track, the banjo pushing along “Another Civil War,” the high-flying double leading from Rick Witkowski and Bobby Hird making “Quick,” sound like an update of “Ghost Riders In The Sky,” to the poppy rock and piano popping lead of “Another Beautiful Day,” to the heavy stomp of the deliciously fun, “Drinking Myself Sober,” and over the top “Alligator Man,” the album is filled with great tunes.

Bassist Dave DeMarco plays his instrument a bit muted, with drummer Joe D’Amico staying just as low, locked and loaded, on “Stranger In A Strange Land,” (they’ll manage this flumping beat trick again on “We Don’t Know” before the bass starts sliding and the drums really smack) until it opens up mid-way. It grooves, the harmonies kick-in, and the band rocks as heavy as they do anywhere else here. Witkowski and Bobby Hird manage their high-flying guitar sailing again, midway.

The last tune on Tribes is magic. An organ-pumping, horn-calling tribute to living at home with the folks, “The Lost Boys” is a big fat groover that ends this fantastic album perfectly.

Crack The Sky has cracked it again, for this, their 19th studio album of all new material.

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Crack The Sky: Tribes