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Published On: Mon, May 24th, 2021

Jobbaloon: The Invitation

The Invitation

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Detroit’s Jobbaloon (pronounced ‘JAH-BALLOON’) is writer/producer/guitarist/pianist/singer Joshua Achatz and producer Justin Squires. The duo’s new collection is called The Invitation.

A radio tunes us in to the spoken word “Intro,” which opens the album, then we are into the drum machine beat (a beat often heard here) of the title track and more spoken words, this time over an over-washed keys string line.

We’re out of that 2nd track quickly into a more traditional piano ballad, and Joshua actually singing (and very well) on a sing-a-long-able “Bm.” The layering of vocals on this one is especially impressive, not that’s there’s so much being said to the lyric.

We finally get a lyric of note, with more strings and backing vocals, on the next tune, “Aligned.” Achatz is really emoting over piano on “Baby Blue,” a tune that employs a cool horn sound and, even though one of the shortest tunes, really packs a wallop.

We stay within the warbling singing on lots of tunes here, but even though Achatz manages that same approach on “All I Need,” the addition of excellent synth horn strikes, and again, those rich, layered harmonies make this one of the best on The Invitation for me.

“Days,” ends the collection. It’s a nice change sonically with its snapping and breezy strummed acoustic. Here is another kick-it-out-the-park vocal from Achatz on another solid commercial tune.

The Invitation presents a specific sound and gesture, but Joshua Achatz and Justin Squires pull off their Jobbaloon with style.

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Jobbaloon: The Invitation