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Published On: Mon, Jun 14th, 2021

The Chris Ruben Band: Madness on Repeat

The Chris Ruben Band
Madness on Repeat
(The Chris Ruben Band)

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A great snapping Brendan Allen bass, cowbell, tinkling keys, and Chris Ruben’s vocal leads us off on “Unsure,” the first tune on Madness on Repeat, the new album from New York-based psychedelic indie-funk group The Chris Ruben Band.

They quickly move into the strummed electric semi-ballad “Won’t See You,” the band giving forth a heavy staccato in the chorus, not much of an informed groove on this one (though the synth and strings are cool). But “Darling” sets us into the groove again. It’s a light love song with a solid commercial chorus and the band seemingly loosening up four tunes in. I dig drummer Russ Benjamin’s in-the-pocket opening, and again, the deep solid groove TCRB manages here. Again, Eugene Iovine’s synth additions add just the extra sauce in the chorus. A later Nick Marino’s lead adds the perfect touch.

Marino leads “Stomach Coil” with an overdriven single-note sailing lead as we get into another tight groove. The guys leave some space here and there for the mood to lay out, then return to the groove and Marino leading the best he does on any of Madness on Repeat.

Things certainly pick up for me at the tail end here. Psychedelic backing and Marino wailing begin “Give It Up” and Ruben manages a great teasing vocal over what quickly becomes an off-beat pop-punk tune. And the soft groove of “Hernia” ends, another wonderful sly groove featuring, this time featuring Frank Iovine’s sexy sax lead.

Get ready to shimmy, shake, and listen deeply to The Chris Ruben Band’s new one, Madness on Repeat.


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The Chris Ruben Band: Madness on Repeat