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Published On: Fri, Jun 25th, 2021

How to Decide on a Mattress Together as a Couple

When you choose the best mattress as a couple, you can guarantee that you both will have the best night’s sleep possible. However, it can also be challenging to decide on a mattress together, especially when it comes to the comfort level. Today, a mattress is available in many different types and sizes to choose from. This is good because you both likely have different sleep patterns and comfort levels in general.

When you both do decide to look for the perfect mattress together, there are a few things to consider before you walk out the door with your new mattress.

Mattress Size

There are many mattress sizes. The twin mattress is for individuals, while the California king-size is the biggest and supplies the most space. Of course, a couple could easily sleep together in a full mattress, although laying in a queen size would allow both partners to have a little more wiggle room while sleeping. 

With the California king mattress, you both will have the most space available in a mattress. This is important because the amount of movement a person makes while sleeping can be a lot. With a lot of movement, the chances of waking your partner increase. Besides the standard king-size mattress, there is also a California king mattress. The California king provides four more inches all around which is great if a partner happens to be tall.

Mattress Types

Many types of mattresses exist and a few of them include the air mattress, innerspring, latex, and memory foam. Although more than one type can provide equal comfort for both of you, you may have an advantage with using memory foam or air mattresses. 

With memory foam, the amount of movement felt is deceased by absorbing it into the mattress, so the partner will not feel the other moving and shifting throughout the night. The air mattress can be adjusted so you can enjoy a different firmness every night. If you don’t feel the need for a full air mattress, then implementing a topper on top of the mattress will be perfect too.

Another option for the bedroom is the adjustable bed; you can control the amount of adjustment with a controller that adjusts both the head and feet. This is perfect for maintaining good circulation and blood flow. As far as functionality is concerned, a memory foam, air mattress, or latex mattress is the better option for this.

The Way You Sleep

As you and your partner look for a mattress together, talk about the way you both like to sleep. Does one of you sleep on the side or the stomach? These positions will not have the same necessity in mattresses so it is important to discuss them. Also, talk about the firmness of the mattress. Does one of you like a hard mattress over a soft one or vice versa? The good thing is that if you both have the same likes in a mattress, then you will have an easier time finding the perfect mattress together.

Make Sure to Test It Out

As you visit a mattress store and find a mattress that you are interested in, make sure to test it out first. Make sure to wear clothing that is comfortable and not bulky so that you can feel the true effect of the mattress against your body. Make sure to bring to light any questions you may have and inquire about the advantages and disadvantages of the material and style of each mattress. 

Once you have found one, lie down on it and see how it feels for at least 15 minutes. Do everything that you would as if you already had it at home. Adjust yourselves, roll your body, check to see if your partner gets disturbed while you both shift. Testing the mattress this way may seem odd, but it is the best method in helping you test it out.

Contemplate Your Bedroom Size

Your bedroom’s size needs to be a part of the decision-making process when deciding on a mattress. If you have a small bedroom, then a king size will not work. In order to stay completely relaxed, the space around the bed needs to be adequate enough. If a bedroom is going to be used for multiple functions, then think about bringing in a sofa bed. These can easily provide added space when not being slept in.

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How to Decide on a Mattress Together as a Couple