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Published On: Mon, Jul 12th, 2021

Gary Craig: Yesterday Into Day

Gary Craig
Yesterday Into Day
(Gary Craig)

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Gary Craig claims that most of the songs on his new Yesterday Into Day album were written by a “younger me,” although most of the lyrics reveal deep insight into ‘older’ age.

Fond of upfront arpeggiating keyboards (Craig plays all the keys and bass across these 8) be they piano, organ, and synths, the hard-driving “Carousel of Time” opens, some neat high-tuned percussion sounds layered on top of the keys, leading us into a sweeter piano-led “Hobo Song.” Craig sets us well on our way from the kick-off here, employing lots of staccato breaks and some proper prog-rock key leading, as well as knowing how to roll his vocal best across his lyrics.

“It Never Bothered Me” again features some arpeggiating keys; this one sounds as if plucked straight out of an 80’s MTV video. I especially like the upfront big bass and slightly sardonic point of the lyric.

Strings and a slow played piano move the ballad “Davita” along. Craig employs a different vocal to this one than he does anywhere else while letting the tune meander (in a good way) with well-placed sonic scape effects swirling around his piano and strings.

“Generations” ends, with Craig using his full bag; single high-toned synth leads, simple snare hits, simple piano chording, heartfelt singing about an important subject, chorus-like keys…even whale sounds.

Yesterday Into Day is a solid album mixing prog, rock, even some country under the guidance of a songwriter who has something to say.

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Gary Craig: Yesterday Into Day