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Published On: Thu, Sep 2nd, 2021

The Buying and Selling Of Adult Websites: Talking To Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker

As of this writing, there are some interesting things happening over at that very well might restrict content posters as well as fans and casual onlookers. But don’t worry, there are plenty of NSFW (not suitable for work) networks out there where contributors can post their pics and videos with no restrictions, and fans and even the casual onlooker can come and enjoy these poster’s naughty content.

The new adult-oriented platform being offered by the good folks at Adult Site Broker is one that users, posters, and even a buyer of the site might very well genuinely love. The site currently enjoys more than 960,000 registered users, with over 200 new members signing up daily…and they haven’t spent a dime on marketing! It’s enjoyed solid press in Playboy, Refinery29 magazines, to name but a few, and in 2019 the site deployed the first version of their recurring subscriptions to make it a more private platform, so only registered users have access, which makes the user base ever so valuable as the site only accepts verified users.

I spoke to Bruce Friedman, CEO of Adult Site Broker. His company was established in 2011 to help buyers and sellers of adult websites, affiliate programs, and entire companies with effortless transactions of posting, buying, and selling adult websites. For me personally, as well as for what I usually offer in THE SEX FILES, it’s great to get a look into the business side of the adult industry and have a good discussion about what Bruce is into presently.

How is this new NSFW you are selling, unlike Onlyfans, etc.…or is it not any different at all?

It’s different because the users give away their content. They don’t charge. Plus, OnlyFans and others are really in the business to make money. These people are there to have fun and share their media.

What’s first and foremost on the mind of someone building a site like this?

Well, to make money, of course! But the owner of this site really has a dedication to help people freely express their creativity and enjoy their bodies.

What’s most important for the users and those who sign up?

What’s important more than anything is to have fun! Talk to and even meet other members.

Has there been a concentration of sign-ups from any particular country over any other?

Most of the members are in Tier One countries like the United States, Canada, and the UK.

How does a site like this grow so well, as this has, with no money spent on marketing?

 There has been a lot of free publicity given to the site because of its unique nature. And users are also sharing the site’s existence on other social media. With the amount of inbound links, the site gets a ton of attention from Google.

What makes this site a good buy for those interested in owning the site because it is currently for sale?

The site’s user base is immense, almost one million already, which is phenomenal for the lack of marketing funds. The site will make a large company with a promotion budget a ton of money.

What can be done by a potential buyer so they might make more money from this site?

Well, of course, selling more premium memberships will be a start. And a large company can make that happen through their existing machinery. They can feed their traffic to the site, which will help it grow that much faster. But also, ads can be sold, which is the golden goose here. Non-premium members can be exposed to ads for other sites and products. There is a great demand for these types of users because they spend a lot of money.

How does this compare with other listings on Adult Site Broker?

This one is kind of unique, really. I mean, many of our listings are unique, but this one stands alone. It will end up being a great buy for an astute buyer.

So, slip on over to Bruce’s site and check out what’s going on with his listings. And enjoy your time searching those NSFW sites.

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The Buying and Selling Of Adult Websites: Talking To Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker