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Published On: Fri, Sep 24th, 2021

THE SEX FILES: Interview with Lily Craven

I have been so lucky with this column. I’ve gotten to meet such a wide variety of people involved with the adult industry, so many with a unique slant on what they do, articulate, sweet, and so down-to-Earth. As you read below, Lily Craven is all of these things and more, a performer, producer, and a wonderful lady to talk with.

When it comes to performers, I like to start with the ubiquitous “So how did a nice girl like you get into…” Can you tell me a little bit about how you started? You mentioned an ‘underground’ FB group, ‘Pizza Daddies?’

I started while snooping on a cheating husband. He was in a Facebook group that appeared to be sex sales out of their inbox. I thought that they were prostituting, but they were actually selling content out of their inboxes. I started selling out of the “Pizza Daddies” group. I offer a menu that includes live chat, pre-made videos and pics, custom videos, sexting, wearable sales, and more.

I have since created my own group that eventually merged with another SW, called “Camp Morningwood.”

Did you have any adult performer experience prior to this? What was your background before you got into the adult space if you don’t mind sharing?

Yes, I had some experience as an exotic dancer in San Diego from eighteen to twenty. I then started a family, so everything switched to family mode; I did not re-enter the industry until I turned forty. As far as what I did during the non-industry years, I worked a few waitressing jobs but never really found anything that interested me as far as employment. I was able to stay home and raise my family for most of those years. I had little to no work experience when my divorce began in 2017. I don’t believe I’ve ever held a job for a year in my life.

I remarried, and we owned an oilfield storage and trucking company that was very successful. I got a taste of self-employment, and I knew that I would never work for anyone again. I realized I could run and operate my own business, but I knew I needed an education. At forty, I enrolled in college full-time and earned my degree at the beginning of Covid, Spring 2020, in marketing management. That was the best decision I could have made, to go back to school.

For the past half-decade, you and another lady have been selling on something called “Camp Morningwood” which you mentioned before. Can you describe what that is and how what you do there might differ from others?

“Camp Morningwood” is a Facebook private group. All members are carefully screened to ensure that they are truly sellers and buyers; we come together for a common interest, and that is pornography. The sellers create a menu describing what they offer and are self-employed, creating and operating their own business. The seller then makes a social media-friendly post to the group thread. Interested buyers inbox the sellers, and then the “magic” happens.

I believe I’m the only seller in the group that is in the porn industry. Most of them are content creators and a few WebCam models.

The good part about a group like this is that it is not on a saturated platform with sellers. What makes it truly unique to other platforms is the experience of interacting with the sellers. So I make it more of an experience as opposed to purchasing a premade video off a website with no model attached to it. That is what separates us from free content or content that you can purchase online.

You are also a presence across other social media, Twitter, Chaturbate, Manyvids. So how does a performer today know where to set themselves, and could one spread oneself too thin?

I do have a presence on multiple platforms, and I believe it is necessary to be on as many platforms as possible. This helps promote you and make you available to a broader audience. But can one spread themselves too thin? Absolutely!

I am someone who has a difficult time saying no to a good idea or a new venture, and sure there are times I feel as though I am barely maintaining instead of growing. This is certainly a direct result of spreading myself too thin, as you say, and it’s definitely something I need to work on or hire extra help.

If you’d have to pick one kind of performing you like to do over any other, any scenarios that personally turn you on, what would it/they be…and why?

I love taboo/age play performances. I am all about the step mommy/stepson fetish. I have played “Aunt Lily” as well in my Craven family series.

I think the taboo fetish is quite often misunderstood and interpreted as incest. The best way to explain it would be like the “Daddy” fetish. When a female calls her man her “Daddy,” she does not want to fuck her biological father. Same with the “Mommy” fetish. The man does not want to bone his mom… Stepmom, maybe (she laughs) but not his biological mother.

I believe this all stems from the attraction to an older, experienced, sexy woman. What can I say? Everyone loves a MILF!

I must admit I really like doing custom videos that explore the extreme “Mommy” fetish. I love it when my followers write a storyline for me to bring to life. There’s something so sexy about it and yet so taboo at the same time.

Let’s talk about your radio show. Can you describe what that’s all about?

My introduction to K97FM Radio began when the owner had asked me to do some interviews with porn stars on his behalf. I imagined it would be great networking, so I went for it. I have since progressed to having my own timeslot to broadcast my own podcast. I never expected it to go this far, but I am grateful for the experience, and I’m going to run with it.

My podcast is taking your standard boring interview and spicing it up. It is called “Phone Sex with Lily.” I start every show with a phone sex session between the person and me I am interviewing; after that, I interview them. My approach allows the person I’m interviewing a chance to have their personality shine, and I feel it really adds a spicy twist to what I was looking for with the show.

My podcast debuts Wednesday, September 15 at 8 PM central and can be heard on, your Adult Industry, and Lifestyle Station.

You also work with a company called Blusherotica. Tell us about them.

When I first started shooting couples’ work, I did a video with Chris Cardio in Las Vegas. The cinematographer had told me the content would be part of a project he was working on. About a year later, I was pleasantly surprised to see ads appear with my work on it. They were so HOT!! The ad featured Chris Cardio and me in an intimate scene that included a very sexy, sultry voice-over. It was different than anything I had seen or heard. It reminded me of reading an erotic novel. Never being a porn watcher, this caught my attention, and turned me on big time! I highly recommend checking them out! (Go here).

I was then asked to do some promo video ads for That was quite the experience since I had none. Let’s just say I had enough bloopers to make a video of it. Overall, Blush Erotica is a fantastic organization, and I am thrilled to be part of it. I will be working with them in front of the camera very soon.

You are also making some stops at the various Exxxotica conventions this year. What will you be doing at these?

I have been given the “media hat” at this year’s Exxxotica Expos. It was quite intimidating initially, but after meeting some helpful, talented media individuals, I was shown the way. I’m not sure if it’s the right way (laughs), but they took me under their wing in Chicago. I represent K97FM Radio covering the event and am conducting some interviews along the way. I will be attending Miami and New Jersey Exxxotica. If you have not attended an Exxxotica Expo, make a point to do so. Come hang out with your favorite pornstars for an entire weekend!

What’s on the agenda (beyond Exxxotica) for you, up until the New Year?

I plan to continue to work with ethical, talented artists and studios. I have plans to work with Alfonso Layz, BlushErotica, and I have been in communication with Rome Major. That is an exciting line-up! I am grateful for the opportunities presented to me, and most of all, I am grateful for my followers. They make this all possible. Thank you!

Where can people find you?

You can find more of me on:

Twitter @lilycravenXXX or @lily40xxx

IG @real_lilycraven

FB @lily.craven40

Or join me live on Chaturbate@


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THE SEX FILES: Interview with Lily Craven