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Published On: Mon, Oct 11th, 2021

The Furious Seasons: Home All Day, Home All Night

The Furious Seasons
Home All Day, Home All Night
(Stonegarden Records)

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Starting off The Furious Seasons new full-length album, Home All Day, Home All Night, “Is This Happening,” is an acoustic meditation of harmonies and soft electric touches behind the beat. As the nucleus of this L.A.-based trio of David and Jeff Steinhart and P.A. Nelson attest, “During a year of pandemic, political craziness, isolation, and urgent social justice issues, we found a way to write and record 11 songs that cover a variety of subject matters in 4 different studios, with two producers.” The men certainly tackle all of these (and more subjects here).

“Lovely Backyard” is a wonderfully subtle story-song, informed just perfectly as much from David Steinhart’s lead vocal as P.A. Nelson’s harmony and Dobro. This is one of the stronger songs on Home All Day, Home All Night.

I like the piercing distinct cutting lead that opens and cries throughout “Long Vacation” and the slight wryness of the lyrics. The sweet folkiness of the sad “The North Valley,” with some Aubrey Richmond precious violin and truly heart-arresting production is as much the longest tune here as the best song on the album for me.

I dig the halting acoustic, nearly spoken-word version of Bowie’s “Changes,” the boys manage; an excellent 360 turn of this classic song. And lastly, we get another great lament in “7420,” with some fantastic guitar embellishes, as we are reminded of what the world has gone through lately and what The Furious Seasons have to say about it.

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The Furious Seasons: Home All Day, Home All Night