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Published On: Fri, Nov 12th, 2021

Blake Red: The Cradle

Blake Red
The Cradle
(Blake Red)

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The odd but driving beat and distinctive riffing of “The Cradle” begins Blake Red’s new EP of the same name. The Chicago-based musician, who plays everything here, certainly knows how she wants to rock. And rock, she does.

“This Reincarnation,” follows, with a cool little lead melody flicking off after the chorus; it’s hard not to sing-along to this one. The meat-on-the-bones of the lyric is undercut sweetly with outstanding drumming and thick riffing, but on this one, as with most here, Red has lots to say. It’s a smart way to draw the listener closer.

“The Darkness” presents another great lyric in a heavy bass stomp of a tune. This is the one song out of the four here I like the most. Red just hits with all pistons raging from the jump; there’s no escaping this one, that’s for damn sure!

The lady gives us some room to breathe, at least at the beginning, of the last tune here, “Follow Me.” Again, she provides an interesting drum beat, and I love the harmonies in the verses.

I love releases like The Cradle, where you get the unmistakable hand of someone sure and set at the helm of the proceedings. I’d very much be interested in hearing a full length from Blake Red in the future.

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Blake Red: The Cradle