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Published On: Wed, Jan 19th, 2022

Arktik Lake: Shimmer

Arktik Lake
(Arktik Lake)

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Arktik Lake’s new EP Shimmer opens on the strong beat and bending guitar line of the title track. Lead by Marty Willson-Piper and Olivia Willson-Piper’s harmonies; this jangle-of-an-opener sets a nice easy rockin’ pace for the four tunes that follow.

“Promises We Made” follows, with wide-open spaces, Nigel Macara’s papery-tight snare action, and again a strong melody laid down by the guitars. I like how the band takes time to let the openings of their songs breathe a bit before we get into the vocals. On this one, Marty almost adopts an Iggy Pop talk/singing to bring about this take on a love song. It’s a very cool tune. And as one often finds here, Marty has a solid way with a unique lead.

The slower, almost cinematic cowboy shuffle of “Hombre” follows. DC’s bass guitar keeps things together here, under Willson-Piper’s Dick-Dale single-note noodling. The keys that slip in add perfectly to the overall 60’s vibe of this wonderful instrumental. For me, it’s the best song on the EP. By the time the wailing lead begins, I was deeply committed.

“Misty Shore” ends the EP. With its weeping beginning bed of keys, single guitar jangle lines, and once again those harmony vocals of Marty Willson-Piper and Olivia Willson-Piper, this last tune presents the most extensive production on Shimmer. It’s a deep stew to end what I feel is a very strong showing from Arktik Lake.

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Arktik Lake: Shimmer