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Published On: Mon, Mar 14th, 2022

Kris Heaton: My City of Gold

Kris Heaton
My City of Gold
(Kris Heaton Band)

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The gospel styled title track of My City of Gold, a piano ballad with lots of space, a solid, simple drum beat, and Kris Heaton’s strong vocal, opens the rock/pop/blues man’s new 9-song album.

I like the single keyed piano and flicky verse beat of “Father Song.” The lyric here mines an interesting snippet of life I haven’t heard explored so often, or at least not with such a catchy chorus.

I like Heaton rockin’ while keeping a cool tight hold on the production of “Raze Your Hands” (and don’t think I don’t appreciate how he’s spelled the word ‘raze’). It’s got a papery drum sound, overdriven bass, and it sounds like all the instruments are coming through a blown speaker; it’s a great effect.

Heaton’s having as much fun on “Lyfe Is Good,” with some great drumming, an overdriven bass and layered harmonies and horns; a cool little dance ditty with very smart production. 

He comes back to the ’80s on “Love Is Up To You.” The single-note guitar mirroring the chorus melody and overly commercial bridge creates a near rock cliché, something I am almost sure Keaton intended.

The snappy tight beat of “Florida Heat” ends My City of Gold. We get a slightly different vocal from Heaton from what has gone before, kind of a wry side-of-the-mouth delivery and big horn-like strikes in the chorus. The weakest tune of all for me here, still, as with all of My City of Gold, Keaton pulls off a well-played production. Overall, this new album is a solid and very cool listen.

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Kris Heaton: My City of Gold