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Published On: Wed, Mar 23rd, 2022

Vectralux: Each Morning and the Morning Thereafter

Each Morning and the Morning Thereafter

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The jumpy “Hey” gets us started on Vectralux’s new 11-song album Each Morning and the Morning Thereafter. And while a sure tight little ditty, I dig the arpeggiating keys and desperate pace of the second tune, “Hidden Days,” even more.

As this album progresses, things get even better with the talents of Hannibal Heredia singing and playing guitar, Kelly Shane playing drums & percussion, Dan Barker on keyboards and singing too, and Andy Tegethoff playing bass.

There’s lots of space around Shane’s upfront drumming on the almost country “Patagonia Kids” (and again great harmonies). “Missing Trains,” again with some great piano lines, features maybe the best  drumming of all by Shane.  While Tegethoff manages a stellar bass turn as well.

We get more of that in “Unwilling Stars (Right About Now),” where it’s mainly bass and some weird hits under the lead vocals on the verses, matched with Heredia’s especially tasty little guitar noodles and strums.

The longest and arguably the loudest tune, “With Grace (I Walk-In),” is the last here. From its snapping drum and synth single line opening, into verses of falsettos and a New Wave vibe, to an especially weird prog middle, this is the tune that really spun me on my ear and made me love it even more.

The rush of weird ‘gated’ sweeps to the end is fantastic.

Each Morning and the Morning Thereafter gives you a lot to dig your teeth into; great tunes, a rush of styles but still a singular vision, and some real flights of fancy over solid playing and great vocals.

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Vectralux: Each Morning and the Morning Thereafter