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Published On: Wed, May 25th, 2022

Lochness Monster: Working for a Future

Lochness Monster
Working for a Future
(Venemusic LLC)

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Loud guitars and a stuttering drumbeat from Rene Rivera opens the fantastically desperate “Glass Jar,” the first tune from Miami’s Lochness Monster’s second EP Working for a Future.

Right from the jump, the listener is captured by the production of perfect layering of a well-written rock tune, with Bruce Donaldson’s wonderfully expressive vocal punctuating some truly spectacular lyrics.

We get a sweetly plucked guitar and little flicks of atmosphere from Justin Shaner on the second song, the ballad-into-rocker “Running Away.” A breathier vocal and light touches in the verses (with a cool middle section seeing Federico’s Carradini’s bass come to the fore) makes for some unexpected twists and turns on this one. The near ending balls-out wailing is especially stirring.

Fan favorite “Pendulum” (I can see why it is a favorite) ends the quartet of tunes. Again, Lochness Monster manages that edge of danger in the slower verses, then blasts into the chorus with full force featuring a sailing guitar and Rivera and Carradini, providing the locked-in-tight rhythm under another wonderful vocal performance from Donaldson. The lead section here is an especially mature jam, not just an opportunity for these players to show off. I’d advise getting your hands on Lochness Monster’s Working for a Future, it is great stuff.

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Lochness Monster: Working for a Future