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Published On: Fri, Jul 8th, 2022

Arnab Sengupta: Leap of Faith

Arnab Sengupta
Leap of Faith
(3614030 Records DK)

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A sly solid groove is created by snapping snare and bass on “Face in the Crowd,” a great poppy start to Arnab Sengupta’s Leap of Faith. As Andrija Gavrilovic’s trumpet wails off the combination of Sengupta and Anshu Jha’s vocals, the whole concoction grabs us tight into this collection of eight.

“Alone but not Lonely” features some fine electric guitar noodling running under another fine Sengupta vocal. This almost sounds Disney-esque; that’s how much of a standard this song could become, like something we sing for years to come. A floaty flute-sound countering lifts the song to an even sweeter height.

A swirly effected electric begins the title track as Scott Allen’s super expressive guitar bends, and Patrick’s Simard’s creative drumming gets us into the beat. I dare say it takes a few listens to get all the nuances here, between the less complex verses and heavier choruses, it’s well worth your time. There’s more than a bit of prog here with the Simard and Allen jam near the end.

Sengupta’s sweet piano lines over arpeggio float under another killer vocal on “Impermanence.” Again, he has a way of imparting a kind of 40’s songwriting sensibility to his songs, as if we have heard them as show tunes or movie soundtrack gems years before. Here he takes his time noodling around the piano rather expertly, showcasing what a solid musician he is.

The guitar-led “Set in Stone” ends Leap of Faith. It’s a swaying breezy mid-tempo mover, again showcasing Sengupta’s control, vocal, and songwriting, plus some sure-fire guitar playing. A great way to end a great album.

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Arnab Sengupta: Leap of Faith