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Published On: Fri, Dec 23rd, 2022

The Real J Israel: For the Sake of R&B

The Real J Israel

For the Sake of R&B

(J.Israel Family Entertainment Inc.)

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A super sexy “When You Need Love,” with an expert acoustic guitar backing and the fantastic voice of The Real J Israel, certainly gets the blood rising, beginning his new album For the Sake of R&B. Delving into the romance here, we get to the droplet arpeggios of piano on “Mr. Good Good;” with great production on this one, especially. Backing vocals and light percussion perfectly placed, and yes, Israel just having his way vocally, pretty much getting right into your pants with this singing, this early tune is killer.

There’s more of that great acoustic leading the way on “I Love You,” with some piano. “Keep You Comin,” surely of the same stripe lyrically as what has come before (pure sexy), has a thick solid thumping bass backing that I feel separates this one from most of the thirteen here, as does the higher-end wash of keys and the beat on “You Get It.” The mid-tempo snap, flicking acoustic, and low bass drum hit informs “Won’t Go Away,” which really flows into a great full beat, as does the last tune here, “I Love You to Life.” If I had to pick the most commercial tune on For the Sake of R&B, it would be this last one; offering full production, great guitar and bass, and Israel singing his heart out, over lead as well as backing vocal. For the Sake of R&B is solid, sexy, and sweet R&B from an artist who truly delivers.

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The Real J Israel: For the Sake of R&B