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Published On: Thu, Sep 25th, 2008

Gadget Inspector: Coosh Headphones

The first things I look for when purchasing new headphones is comfortability, sound quality, and the privacy factor, so when I’m in a public place, I’m not bringing an unwanted party. Coosh has created a neat set of headphones that comfortably fit around your ears while keeping the music there. To show that their headsets are sturdy, they got the world-famous breakdance crew Massive Monkees to wear the headsets while doing some crazy dance moves.

With the tag line “Stays on. Feels Good” Coosh makes good on that promise as the ear piece is made of a soft rubber that is barely felt around the ear, making it remarkably comfortable, like it wasn’t even there, as the ear bud attached to it fits snugly in your ear. Standout features include removable ear buds from the rubber earpiece attachment, if that’s how you prefer to rock them, along with a clip to attach the loose wire to your clothing and a mute button. This is a pretty solid headset for those on the go and for those who like the details in their music, as this headset allows for a perfect distribution of sound. They are available for iPod and Mp3 players, come in a clear reusable case, and are available for iPhone and Blackberry devices. Plus its $19.99 retail price is a steal compared to any other headset in that price range.

To learn more about the headphones, check out the Coosh website here. You can purchase the headphones directly from their website right now or at any Radio Shack in NYC beginning October 20th.

Check this video out of the Massive Monkees Breakdancing with the Coosh headphones on

–DaVe Lipp

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Gadget Inspector: Coosh Headphones