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Published On: Tue, Apr 24th, 2012

We Talk with Italian fashion designer Danilo Gabrielli

Danilo Gabrielli, a fresh Italian American designer, had a launch party March 15th at Hotel Yotel to celebrate his fabulous Fall/Winter 2012 collection. The party consisted of bloggers, editors, journalists, companies in the fashion industry, supporters and friends! I got to sit down with this kind gentleman to talk about his collection and inspiration.

How does the Italian lifestyle influence your designs?

When I was a little kid, my mother and my grandmother used their own hands to cut and sew. Basically, I was really born and raised always around all these women; they would select the material, take measurements on us and the clothes. I was inspired by them. And seeing the way they were working. They would do coats, they would do everything. That was a big impact in my lifestyle since I was a little baby. This is why I also chose when I was a teenager, later to go to University; one of the academies for fashion designers in Rome.

Prior to attending design school, he had joined the navy just so he could afford university.

I know you live in New York now. Are you more inspired by New York than Italy?

Yes I am. New York is a unique city. It’s what we call in Italy, Naples; it’s not an Italian city- it’s Naples. New York is not an American city it’s just New York. It’s a combination of so many cultures, artists; the best of the best is here in this big cosmopolitan city. In Italy I was an olive and New York City made me olive oil. The difference between living in NY and living in Milan and Rome is that they have the tendency over there to sometimes look only one way. Sometimes I see that in some designers- they repeat themselves. But in New York it’s actually like constantly everything is new, new inspiration so that I think is good.

What was your inspiration for this specific collection?

It was 1940s. It is the era where the women basically start to work, become independent, they become powerful. Because it was the year where all the men went to war they basically raised the family. So they would start to be strong women, independent again and go to work. Also because I am a big fan of the movies. I love Hollywood. The glamour of the actresses of the 1940′s.

Where can your collection be purchased?

Very soon in a boutique in Beverly Hills, The Mayfair house. There is also a website. There will be a little party [at the boutique for the opening] We will be sitting next to Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Versace.

Who are you selling to with this collection? Who is your target market?

I am trying to reach age wise 25-50 but I would say I would like to dress up every single person, every single female. As a matter of fact when I designed this line there are pieces I want to develop also into plus size because I want to design for everybody. Not only for women who are a size 2 or size 4 but also up. And I love that because it is more realistic.

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We Talk with Italian fashion designer Danilo Gabrielli