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Published On: Fri, Jun 22nd, 2012

Toro y Moi: June 2009

Toro y Moi
June 2009
(Carpark Records)

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June 2009, the latest release from indie gem Toro y Moi, is a smattering of askew, fuzzed-out indie electronica that has a foundational attribute also dubbed as chillwave. Toro y Moi’s seemingly effortless sonic creativity makes June 2009 a lazy survivor barely awakened with lo-fi production chops and underscored but properly righteous skateboard-inspired guitar riffs and runs, a rather naked but seductive bass lines, and synths that alternate between something one would blame as a dance floor filler at a 90′s dance club like on “Sad Sams” or all excited like on “Best Around.” Somehow in pure Toro y Moi artistic fashion, it all works well and at the able hands of South Carolina native Chaz Bundick. He does not entirely sing on-key at all times but again, it makes all that is Toro y Moi more engaging than not. The critical success of prior albums Causers of This and Underneath The Pine have already solidified Bundick’s placement in the world of indie adoration and success. June 2009 is a snapshot of singles written much earlier than now, although “Talamak” appears on an earlier album. “Dead Pontoon” has a slightly punk appeal, while “Girl Problems” has a dizzying guitar run and a 70′s plunky bass line. “Drive South” has a sweet guitar riff that sounds like it could have been used on a Michael Jackson record circa Off The Wall. June 2009 consists of lazy indie tunes set to a backdrop of a year long passed, but nothing is lost on passion with the beauty of music that lacks pretentiousness.

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Toro y Moi: June 2009