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Published On: Mon, Aug 6th, 2012

Emotional Brilliance: Lush Unveils Its First Line of Color Cosmetics!

We’ve always turned to Lush Cosmetics for all our guilt-free pampering needs (not to mention fun and quirky gifts), like scented bath bombs, natural shower scrubs, eco-friendly handmade soaps, and more. But now the UK-based brand is branching out with their first-ever line of color cosmetics, appropriately dubbed Emotional Brilliance. With a series of liquid liners, shadows, and lipsticks, each Emotional Brilliance product is named after and inspired by a different emotion or quality – from “Passionate,” a lively fuchsia, to “Calm,” a cool sky blue – for a collection of colors that are as mood-enhancing as they are vibrant. After all, who can deny the emotional lift you get from applying the perfect shade of fiery red lipstick, ultra-flattering shimmery shadow, and just looking great in general? Keeping in line with Lush’s eco-conscious goals, the packaging is strictly practical and minimal, but who needs a fancy bottle when the brilliant colors and adorable concept speaks for itself? Check out the full line and play Lush’s color-matching game on their official site!

- Alexandra Gambardella

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Emotional Brilliance: Lush Unveils Its First Line of Color Cosmetics!