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Published On: Tue, Aug 14th, 2012

Jukebox the Ghost: Safe Travels

Jukebox the Ghost
Safe Travels
(Yep Roc Records)

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Falsetto voices and strong synthetic lines drive this summer fun album released by Jukebox the Ghost.

“Somebody” starts off with falsetto voices and a head full of steam. The track sounds a little bit like They Might Be Giants mixed with The Killers. The track is on fire and an anthem to wanting “somebody” in your life. The track even features a few “woo-hoo’s!” “All for Love” starts off sounding a little bit like Regina Spektor. The track is quiet, sullen and idealistic. The overall theme of this album could be summarized as growing up and looking for love; this track is the personification of that. “Ghosts In Empty Houses” sounds a bit like Sleeping at Last. A full band track of pop-rock goodness, there’s an anthemic stadium feel to the track as well. Unique sounding vocals complete this song in a gorgeous way.

Don’t let this album of love pass you by without at least giving the online stream a chance!

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Jukebox the Ghost: Safe Travels