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Published On: Sun, Aug 19th, 2012

Motion City Soundtrack: Go

Motion City Soundtrack
(Epitaph Records)

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From Commit This To Memory (2005), Even If It Kills Me (2007), My Dinosaur Life (2010), and now with their fifth album, Go, Motion City Soundtrack is back and better than ever. Their latest album is a stunning compilation for a summer excursion and it explores new depths with profound lyrics unfolding their past relationships and new beginnings with themes of love, life, and death.

Motion City brings their pop-punk rock sound back to their roots on Epitaph Records. Vocalist and lyricist Justin Pierre’s maturity is unfolded by each song. “True Romance” is the first single off the album and it traces the paths of two “lovers” who are merely involved for all the wrong reasons. “Circuits and Wires” is the premiere song with a combination of heavy drum beats and Pierre’s high-pitched voice, “Can’t Speak/Can’t speak at all/Don’t even think you know the reason.”

The instrumental, low piano tones, and Pierre’s whispers in “Everyone Will Die,” “Son Of A Gun,” and “Happy Anniversary” are the signature sounds of the darker side of the album.  Go is a self-loathing yet ironically upbeat album that makes a mature statement in the band’s 10-year stretch. Welcome back Motion City Soundtrack.

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Motion City Soundtrack: Go