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Published On: Wed, Aug 22nd, 2012

Print out Tasks on the go with Little Printer

“Little Printer lives in your home, bringing you news, puzzles and gossip from friends. Use your smartphone to set up subscriptions and Little Printer will gather them together to create a timely, beautiful miniature newspaper.”

Little Printer is a tiny printer that allows you to print out your own mini publications, which can include Google Tasks to-do lists, puzzles, news headlines, Instagram photos, and so much more, all via Cloud Remote. You can also send and receive prints, and subscribe to your friend’s prints. The app is optimized for iPhone, Android smartphones, and Windows Phone.

The printer measures just 4.25 inches in size. No ink is involved, “Little Printer” uses thermal printing technology.

Back in November, the company released a video of the gadget, and it was received very well. Over 60,000 people signed up to be notified of its release. On August 14 Berg began taking pre-orders for little printer, and in 60 days they will begin distribution.

To see Little Printer in action, check out BERG’s video, which was created last year and truly captures just how adorable this little guy is.

Retail $259 + Shipping

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.

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Print out Tasks on the go with Little Printer