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Published On: Thu, Sep 13th, 2012

John Frieda Hair Care

Between flat irons, Japanese straightening, Keratin treatments, and Brazillian blowouts, it seems that the one solution to having sleek, straight hair requires a big fat wallet. Though innovations of potentially chemical combinations and high-heat styling tools might give way to the smoothest most desirable tresses, sometimes the best solution is as simple as returning to simpler, do-it-yourself techniques.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner
This is not your ordinary shampoo/conditioner team. Frizz Ease incorporates “frizz-mending” complex to keep the frizz factor under control. And, as opposed to similarly marketed keratin shampoos and conditioners, the scent is entirely benign. Using just the shampoo and conditioner, my hair felt more manageable in the peak of summer humidity.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Serum
Speaking of humidity, there’s nothing quite like the shield that is a serum. Sticky? Yes. Delayed drying time? Yes. Ultimately smoothing? Ultimately, yes.

Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Crème
The final touch of the process is the John Frieda “secret weapon” finishing product. It does not seem to be particularly effective or strong upon first use without any of the accompanying collection of Frizz-Ease products. However, as a final step to a series of hair-smoothing actions, this very much seems to be the cherry on top, or at least the head of hair.

Bear in mind that all products abide by the law of many beauty products: less is more! Be wary of some greasy residue, likely the result of overuse. If anything, John Frieda is teaching all of us a thing or two about the quality and outcome of a really effective product line.

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John Frieda Hair Care