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Published On: Thu, Sep 27th, 2012

THE SEX FILES: It’s That Costume Time Of Year

Yes, we find ourselves once again on the precipice of attack from the Jungle Caveman, Sexy Spirit and The Ring Mistress. Ole Katy Perry herself might make a surprise visit and certainly you should be on the look-out for receiving Just One Bite.

Halloween’s a month or so away kids and the sexy new costumes for adults are upon us.

Each year I think to myself that there really can’t be anything new under the full moon that could be produced for the current All Hallows season. In my day, way before electricity was invented, I recall French Maids and sexy kitty cats being all the rage for the young women I’d spy at parties, while men dressed like their favorite rock star or the requisite caveman if they had the guns for a faux fur off-shoulder one-piece. These days when I happen into my local Party City or even one of those make-shift Halloween stores that sneak in to unused suburban retail space mid-September only to be gone Nov 1st, I am amazed at the range of costumes available and the people clammering for them. I don’t know the numbers on how many people make their costumes as opposed to buy them (and the percentages of those people who buy them online as opposed to in these stores) but it seems there are lots and lots of folks, young and old, snatching up masks as much as full-on capes and naughty knickers.

But looking at this years’ new crop, what’s really new? For the ladies it’s as much décolleté as possible and lots of little skirts to show-off their legs (not necessarily a bad thing) or corsets dressed-up with fluff and long gloves and knee-high boots with heels (again not a bad thing); for guys there are plenty of variations on ‘Pirate’ pants, shirts Prince would be proud to own, lots of ‘uniforms’ and copious amounts of spandex.

Sure this year we might be getting a few more Katy Perry candy-cane colored bikinis and a few sexy outfits from this summer’s The Dark Knight seem to be popular. I also found a “Russin Soldier” and “Vixen of Versailles,” just particular spins one company seems to be putting on staples we’ve seen years before.

So get out your codpieces, short skirts and pasties…girls go get the stuff you need as well, or give a look to the links below. The witching season is upon us…

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THE SEX FILES: It’s That Costume Time Of Year