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Published On: Thu, Nov 29th, 2012

THE SEX FILES: Those Really Are Some Smart Balls

Smartballs-not a phrase I hear all that often I can assure you-is the name of Fun Factor’s leading Kegel exerciser and all-around spectacular female adult toy (see this clip of none other than Dr. OZ explaining:  and this from TMZ).

Now whether 50 Shades of Grey is really spearheading the interest in these kinds of things (and I guess there is no arguing it isn’t, F.F. itself is putting out a 56-page Fifty Facts of Kegels book in January, complete with celebs chiming in about Kegel balls, to be given out free with the balls) you just have to see (and feel if you happen to be of the female gender) what the Smartball UNO (single ball) and Smartball DUO Classic (double balls) are all about; single and duo have slightly different functions. Sized to be reckoned with, weighted and fitted in a super safe silicone casing these are really well-made Kegel balls, about the best I have found so far (yes, I am an old Kegel ball searcher from way back Magellan-like in my explorations).

Fun Factory, found here,  is also releasing a new toy called STRONIC, the company claims “the first ever pulsator” not to be confused with your run-of-the mill vibrator and watching this video you’re sure to be convinced it is not: .
Fun Factory has been making adult toys for fifteen years. Begun round a kitchen table by Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl just after leaving college, the two initially began creating dildos but F.F. has grown to be Europe’s leading manufacturer of silicone electric toys, with its headquarters in Bremen/Woltmershausen, and subsidiaries worldwide .Emphasizing shapes “reminiscent of stylish accessories rather than male genitalia” (and winner of countless design awards) all FUN FACTORY products are made of 100% medical standard silicone and are mostly finished by hand.

This whole Kegel craze that has seen an unprecedented jump in Fun Factory’s smart balls sales represents a pretty safe sane way for a young lady to begin ‘explorations’ if she’s never had any of a solo nature, couples to reenact some scenes from 50 Shades and generally keeps healthy discussions about our sexual lives alive…and God knows we can always benefit from healthy open discussions about sex in the face of all those rumors and assumptions we are bombarded with daily. There’s a lot being bandied about lately, whether or not the U.S. is following a ‘European model,’ but in the case of following European-based Fun Factory, I think they have the balls to lead the way.

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THE SEX FILES: Those Really Are Some Smart Balls