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Published On: Fri, Dec 7th, 2012

Tori Amos: Gold Dust

Tori Amos
Gold Dust
(Deutsche Grammphon)

The new album, Gold Dust, by the very accomplished and rabidly yet eccentrically adored Tori Amos offers a collaborative helping of re-worked songs from her past albums. Each track is delicately crafted in a feat Amos has never attempted before. Accompanied by the Metropole Orchestra, this reconstruct gives a vibrant, crystallized effect to 14 songs including “Winter,” “Precious Things,” “Jackie’s Strength,” and “Programmable Soda.”

Tori Amos’ legacy has strongly been her narrative that gloriously pushes through politics of heart, mind and global issues, delving into religion, gender, sexuality and finding power or giving into it. Tori Amos is adored because of her fearlessness as an artist and in her unique, scathing lyrical dynamic and intensity. This same lyrical formula made Amos one of the most powerful women in pop music when she released her first solo album in 1993 entitled Little Earthquakes. Interestingly, at the age of 5 she began composing songs on piano. Gold Dust is her thirteenth release. The beauty and vibrancy of her work is still as perfect as ever. Strikingly gorgeous, the elegance of piano and this luxuriant orchestra based out of the Netherlands is breathtaking and beautiful. Pushing boundaries still, Gold Dust’s classically-infused pop boasts what Amos has always wielded, soul-piercing and emotionally thrilling works that continue to evolve evermore.

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Tori Amos: Gold Dust