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Published On: Thu, Jan 3rd, 2013

Zen Society Skincare

The name Zen Society conjures up images of a Buddhist club, but it’s the notion of purity that inspired the namesake of a new skincare line. Connecticut herbalist Kaitlyn Lockman created the 100% clean, organic and holistic line Zen Society. Lockman has a simple mission in mind: to provide affordable, effective, 100% natural, eco-friendly beauty solutions.

I tried the Tea Tree Facial Cleanser ($10, 2 oz.) and the Hydrating Sweet Grass Shower Gel ($15, 8 oz.). Tea tree oil is one of the common ingredients of Zen Society product range. The facial cleanser is an ordinary cleanser that lathered very well and strong enough to remove makeup. It smells a bit soapy, but it doesn’t dry out the skin. With the cleanser, like most of the products, a little goes a long way, so you only need a couple of drops. The Hydrating Sweet Grass Shower Gel is a delicious, aromatic shower gel that makes you want to stay in the shower forever! The shower gel is my favorite of the two products as it is hydrating and leaves the skin smooth.

Zen Society is an outstanding line for people with sensitive skin as it is 100% genuinely natural. The line is also good for people who wish to indulge in skincare without the packaging and marketing of major commercial brands. The line is extraordinarily inexpensive for what you get. However, the product range is limited and they don’t offer a moisturizer – an anchor to any skin care line. A percentage of all sales go to Friends of the Earth.

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Zen Society Skincare