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Published On: Thu, Feb 21st, 2013

Lumene Arctic Aqua Moisture Booster

LumeneSometimes it’s more than your energy level that needs a pick me up. Dehydrated or tired skin can benefit from an octane-like boost with Lumene Artic Aqua Moisture Booster. From the biting cold of Finland, Lumene brings another effective and inexpensive product stateside ($14.99, 1.2 oz.). The clear gel is made of arctic spring water and hyaluronic acid with 90% natural ingredients. The hyaluronic acid diminishes and fills fine lines with instant results like within five minutes! After washing my face, I applied the product to my face with my fingertips. The moisture booster hydrates and retains moisture all day long. The tube is small and portable, so you can toss into any makeup kit. I recommend it for dehydrated skin or anytime your skin looks thirsty such as post jet lag.

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Lumene Arctic Aqua Moisture Booster