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Published On: Thu, Apr 4th, 2013

Starfucker: Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile
(Polyvinyl Records)

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The album opens with a chorus of woos in front of a thumping bass. It progresses through a soul-funk vocal and a casual enough dance beat to get people from their seats and moving side to side in a nuanced, but lazy sway. There are electronic components on this album that fit solidly with the songs that they are pushed on. “Sazed” has a metronome-like clicking that complements the keyboard synth, but would feel stupid on any other song. The lyrics are evocative but hushed, fitting with the dance theme, but also sounds like a coke-induced dream where apathy brings the singer to the stage so that he can sweatily make it through the set. If only he can make it through the set without making the song sound bad.

Starfucker does what other electropop bands can’t do, they make interesting tunes with recycled elements. They are the little brothers of Mercury Prize-nominated UK band Metronomy (see “Fortune’s Fool” for a perfect example of this), and they take that and craft for themselves a memorable singalong album. “Malmo” has the usual explosive, pop elements, but brings the drunk, friendly whistling and gibberish singing, as if knowing that the song would be more pleasant while intoxicated, more participatory.

The album is simple, but not boring. It provides enough material for a dorm party, or an afternoon indoors getting buzzed while doing nothing but sitting on the couch and talking about grandiose ideas.

Some bands make you think and act, but Starfucker puts the ideas into your head and suggests that it’s okay for things to mellow a bit before acting on them. You can sit this one out and see how things go before moving on.

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Starfucker: Miracle Mile