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Published On: Thu, May 23rd, 2013

Tammy Fender Essential C Tonic

Tammy FenderIs it possible to find a toner that doesn’t sting or have alcohol as its primary ingredient? Yes, it is with Tammy Fender Essential C Tonic ($55, 6.7 oz.). Tammy Fender is a newer holistic skin care line with customer blended formulations (Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan and have you seen her skin?). The eponymous Essential C Tonic is formulated for overactive, acne, congested, or hyper pigmented skin. I used it twice daily; once during the day as a face mist to awaken my skin, and at night after washing my face. The formulation is a high concentration of natural ingredients including green tea, bergamot, orange peel, vitamin C, hibiscus, lemongrass, and rosemary. The tonic comes in a sturdy, amber bottle to preserve the ingredients. After a week of using the tonic, I was obsessed and couldn’t live without it. Tammy Fender’s skin care line is not just more product or treatment; it’s nourishment for our largest organ, our skin. The philosophy behind her line is Pure Living Energy for the skin based in holistic medicine, which was stated beautifully on her website: “My philosophy centers on the recognition that all cells have a consciousness, and being that we are all made of energy and purity, so must we put the same into our body and onto our skin.”

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Tammy Fender Essential C Tonic