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Published On: Wed, Jun 12th, 2013

Crystal Fighters: Cave Rave

crystal fightersCrystal Fighters
Cave Rave
(Atlantic Records)

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Crystal Fighters is a sextet from London with an overabundance of happy tunes on their latest album, Cave Rave. They’re back again after Star of Love with a new spiritual aspect. The album totally gives off that euphoric high that only lasts at the beginning of relationships. Sebastian Pringle’s vocals are pop perfect.

The indie alternative group climbs a “Wave” of spirituality, “We’re here, our way/Hear the same groove/Get on the wave, universal suns/One thousand suns/With the power of one thousand universes from the mind of one.” Most of the songs tie into the main theme of the New Age world full of energies, souls, universes, feelings, etc. “LA Calling” is an energetic love-intoxicated tune with a short rap and drumming beats, “I was feeling on top of the world thinking about you girl.” Listen to “Separator” for a consistent beat with light drumming and for a slight yoga discussion of the mind, body and soul.

Skip over “No Man,” as Pringle’s voice is all over the place and it’s awkwardly pitchy. Crystal Fighters are all about the positive vibes and high frequency levels. It’s a conscious awakening.

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Crystal Fighters: Cave Rave