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Published On: Mon, Jul 1st, 2013

Trend Alert: Distressed Fashion Sneakers

Distressed sneakersUsually I don’t have to try very hard to totally scuff up my new pair of sneakers or barely-worn heels…. so I guess you could say that the new distressed sneaker trend is right up my alley. But really? It’s trendy for your sneakers to look like you’ve already worn them for a few months (and maybe also trekked a few miles on a dusty dirt path)? I’ll choose not to question it and just consider myself lucky… and stylish! Okay, you have to admit – in this day and age when glitz and , the distressed look does have a pretty cool, effortless, lived-in appeal. After all, when it’s a sneaker you’re talking about, you have to balance all that glitz and glam with a little bit of grit in order for the look to really work. Not quite sold yet? I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite distressed sneakers, from glittery and studded to roughed-up and rocker-inspired. Check them out in the links below!

Pictured above: Gienchi Spiked Hi-Top Sneaker, Jeffrey Campbell Adams Sneaker, Golden Goose Slide Sneaker, and Converse Studded Lace Up Trainer.

- Alexandra Gambardella

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Trend Alert: Distressed Fashion Sneakers