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Published On: Thu, Aug 1st, 2013


MitoQ-1After ten years of research, the fountain of youth was found in New Zealand, but you don’t have to go all the way there thanks to online shopping. MitoQ is the powerful, anti-aging cream from a New Zealand biotech company who targeted aging at the cellular level. MitoQ ($185, 50ml) is a thick, non-scented cream with 1000 times greater, concentrated potency than traditional anti-aging creams and serums. It brightens, lightens, fades spots and reduces the appearance of aging within a few days. With only two pumps of MitoQ twice daily for four weeks, my skin transformed feeling more firm, brighter complexion, and any visible lines have been dramatically reduced. MitoQ is not from a cosmetic company, so you get a straightforward product without packaging and advertising; although the smoky black bottle is a sleek design. The only drawback is that MitoQ has no SPF.

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