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Published On: Fri, Aug 16th, 2013

Cognac Confidential at Next Door Lounge

Next Door LoungeThe Next Door Lounge in Hollywood is the latest “Speakeasy” in town and the place has garnered quite a bit of attention lately, partly because of the new Cognac Confidential evenings held once a month. This is a follow up series to the “Whiskey Wednesday” events that just concluded at the venue, and on the night I went, Wayne Chang, the brand ambassador/educator from Hennessy, was present.

Cognac is fast becoming a drink catching on in the right places thanks to people like Jay Z, who has been featuring the drink at his hip night club in New York. These Cognac events are held the first Wednesday of every month and costs $60, although I doubt whether any future events will be as significant as the Hennessy tasting which featured private shots of the Hennessy Paradis, Paradis Imperial and the exclusive Richard Hennessy. We are talking about $400 a shot here, and regrettably has soured my interest in ever trying cheap or inexpensive cognac in the future.

Prior to this rather special happening, I had tried the Hennessy Black, which is particularly suited for Cognac cocktails, and which I believe a version of was specially creation for Barak Obama’s inauguration back in January. Hennessey are also keen to get the word out about Cognac cocktails, and I have to say after virtually exclusive cognac drinking the last couple of weeks, I fully endorse the idea.

At another exclusive tasting in Hollywood a few days later I tried some different cocktails using Hennessey Privilege, created in 1817 at the request of the future King of England, George IV. This is a superior cognac with a long lasting finish That you would expect from a house that has been run by eight generations of the Hennessy family. It has also been produced by seven generations of master distillers from the Fillioux family.

For those liking the sour taste, the Hennessy Tart & Soul just adds lemon and lime juice, syrup and club soda. This is a cocktail that pairs well with duck and all grilled meats.

The Hennessy Spice of Life adds pineapple chunks, jalapeno, lime juice and syrup and is perfect with scallops, ceviche and grilled ribeye steak. The Hennessy Bittersweet Love Affair is a more complex affair utilizing lemon juice, campari, syrup, grapefruit bitters and club soda. Pairing suggestions include goat cheese and grapefruit salad and Buffalo tomato.

Finally the Hennessy Sweetest Taboo works with Crème de Cacao, Half-&-half and Raspberries. This is a perfect dessert cocktail that works with rich chocolate torte, warm cookies and fresh raspberries and cream.

Next Door Lounge
1154 N.Highland Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038
(323) 465-5505

Open: Tuesday-Friday 5pm-2 am
Saturday-7 pm-2 am.

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- Michael Hepworth is a food, spirits and travel writer who contributes to magazines, newspapers and magazines in Los Angeles, Dubai, London and Mumbai.

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Cognac Confidential at Next Door Lounge