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Published On: Thu, Nov 7th, 2013

THE SEX FILES: November News

High SchoolDid you get all the candy you wanted on Halloween? Manage to embarrass yourself wearing that super short nurse’s costume or those spandex pants a man of your years should not be attempting any longer? Past the pumpkin carving and candy apple bobbing now?

I figure why not a little news to cleanse our overly sugary palettes this week.

Falling into the ‘just because you can doesn’t mean you should even if it might be legal’ category, Michael Robertson was arrested in August 2010 for allegedly attempting to snap upskirt cell phone pics of ladies riding Boston’s Green Line subway. Robertson is set to see an appeal on his case. Presently-his trial is pending a court ruling-because he claims that it is/was well within his first amendment rights to take those spying pictures. Defending Roberston’s right, his lawyer Michelle Menken claims the unwanted picture laws presently on the books are outdated and the act of taking said picture is indeed protected under the first amendment, which states (in part): Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Is Robertson claiming he was simply peaceably assembling a bunch of thong shots or might he declare female hay-naner-naners are the temple from which he practices his religion from (or under)?

Falling well within the ‘who cares’ category, but still making news in a slow media week is seems, Alexander Dreymon, the hunky ‘breakout’ dude of the new American Horror Story: Coven actually filmed gay sex scenes before joining the hit FX horror installment show (saints be praised!) Dreymon filmed the scenes as part of the BBC production “Christopher and His Kind” in 2011, a show in which he played a gay prostitute. I know, more horrific then American Horror Story, right? Jesus, do the shocks never end?

For all you naughty film aficionados, Axel Braun, wildly successful porn director-especially of late making XXX parody’s for our friends at Vivid-is ending his four years with the company. Though Braun calls this an “absolutely amicable split,” he “felt it was time to hit the reset button and challenge myself with different endeavors.”

Braun has grabbed ex-Digital Playground star Riley Steele (who I interviewed here) for an exclusive 2 year contract with his Axel Braun Productions and seeing as Braun has won Director of the Year at the AVN Awards three times, plus many other accolades, Riley and Braun will see some very successful endeavors I am sure.

Braun’s development deal with Vivid officially ended on November 1, though he’s still working with the company to complete post production on the last of his projects with them.

You might assume from my asides to the news above that I’ll have lots to say about this last item, but I’m just going to let the preposterous (unfortunately true) facts speak for themselves. You come up with your own smarmy remarks:

Lindsay Black, a 28 year old drama teacher in the UK has been banned from teaching.

Poor lady, can’t society simply understand a woman’s need to solicit teenage boys for sex on Facebook, asking pupils who are virgins to stand-up in class, playing a game called ‘I have never’ where the class admits who has performed sex acts and asking teenagers to mime those acts?

The Professional Conduct Committee of the General Teaching Council of Wales (Black teaches at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic High School in Newport, South Wales) found that Black was claiming her discussing of sex with her students as simply a drama exercise to get the kids into ‘character’ though she did admit engaging in inappropriate and sexually explicit conversations with a pupil on Facebook. Black denied talking to her class about sex and said her pupils, who she really seems to have such an affection for (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) had made up the allegations.

Too bad this lady can’t join the priesthood (ok, that’s two, I can’t help myself).

So there ya go, some tidbits for this first SEX FILES of Nov. Got any naughty news, share it with us. Send it here, I’ll print it, promise.

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THE SEX FILES: November News