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Published On: Thu, Mar 13th, 2014

Fanfarlo: Let’s Go Extinct

Let’s Go Extinct
(Blue Horizon Ventures)

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Not since Björk’s Biophilia has there been such an intriguing concept album arranged around science. Rather than telling personal stories as so many records do, Let’s Go Extinct is more concerned with overarching themes regarding evolution and humanity.

The harmonized beginning of “Life in the Sky” makes it seem as though the record is figuratively taking off right from the start. Fanfarlo have always been able to master melody and optimistic energy with their music, and Let’s Go Extinct is no different. “A Distance” channels the best of ‘80s beats, while “Painting with Life” combines sparse keyboards with delicate strings and assertive horns to grand effect.

“Let’s Go Extinct” is one of the bleakest lyrically, but it lends its name to the record for good reason. The concept shines through quite clearly here, as the bleakness of life is explored and celebrated. “It’s clear the world will go on without us,” frontman Simon Balthazar sings, but his dismissal of humanity is bittersweet. “The dust will rearrange itself,” he continues, leaving room for hope. If humanity is a failed experiment, then there is still beauty in existence and possibility to create something greater.

There are times when the songs on Let’s Go Extinct are just so melodic that they seem to float on by, but if my only complaint about an album is that listening to it is too enjoyable to pick apart the details, I am quite satisfied. This is another satisfying offering from the talented and inventive Fanfarlo.

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Fanfarlo: Let’s Go Extinct