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Published On: Mon, Mar 24th, 2014

BoomBox: Filling in the Color

Filling In the Color
(Heart of Gold Recordings)

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Underneath a profundity of flamboyance at the hands of twistingly cavalier horn grunts, the rock and roll strut of electric guitar on the first track, “Waiting Around,” is full of funk while a complimentary blues jam of keys run funky and free. The blend is delightful and exactly what BoomBox’s new release, Filling in the Color, brings to the table. The album is dirty rock and roll at the hands of Russ Randolph and Zion Rock Godchaux of Muscle Shoals, Alabama. With the process of using programming and live instrumentation, these multi-instrumentalists have woven a tapestry that comes together at all the right times like the bumbling bulbous objects that come alive when old school lava lamps are switched on. Dizzying rhythms and guitars, bass and keys swirl in the atmosphere like plumes of inescapable smoke. The vocals are softened and sweet and add an understated sensuality. “Dirty Red Penny” begins with bleary beckoning tones of keys and a reggae-esque bass rhythm. “Like a Feather,” has such a bright tonal quality to electronic guitar, the rhythm and blues harmony feels like sunshine while “Dream” burns within its own hot flames of a steady soulful bass and an upbeat fiery guitar usually conducive to soul albums of yesteryear.

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BoomBox: Filling in the Color