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Published On: Thu, May 8th, 2014

Christina Rubino: Alive From the Scrapheap

christina rChristina Rubino
Alive From the Scrapheap

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We get a stomping bass drum, banjo, strumming acoustics and harmonica on “The Gateway,” the brisk opener of Christina Rubino’s new album, Alive From the Scrapheap. The Brookyln-born lady with the strong, low voice and a true sense of Americana delivers 11 tight gems here based around her distinctive warble-of-a-voice and acoustic guitar.

“Nothing to Gain” is a torch-like tune with some great harmonies, sweet “ahh ahhs,” shunky snare back beat and electric guitar touches. “Little Bee in D” opens up nicely from just an acoustic guitar vocal piece into some real cool single-note electric touches (and some nice guitar scratching early on) and fine harmony/backing vocals once again. It is a truly strong tune, mid-way in this collection showing full, strong production.

“Seems” is pretty, plucky softness with a sweet slide guitar behind Rubino who truly sings her heart out. “Waiting to Break” has got a sly beat, this time a snapping snare behind Rubino’s soft strum and strong singing. When the electric guitar floats in, we are well into a strong, slow chunker-of-a-tune. “Breakout” has a floaty, big acoustic jangle about it and Rubino singing pretty much all around her range delivering a truly great lyric.

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Christina Rubino: Alive From the Scrapheap