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Published On: Mon, May 12th, 2014

Dolly Parton: Blue Smoke

dolly partonDolly Parton
Blue Smoke

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Dobro slide guitar and Dolly Parton’s distinctive warbling mix with some ultra strong harmonies at the start of the train-like chugging of a full banjo, fiddle and drums on the title track. The song even ends with a gospel-like clapping and singing chorus at the end; it’s a truly great opener. An acoustic guitar and fiddle move the sweet “Unlikely Angel,” a tune with a fine, simple lyric and once again some sweet harmonies in the chorus and Dolly’s old duet partner, Kenny Rodgers joins her on the beautiful, mid-tempo, slightly sad nod to mortality, “You Can’t Make Old Friends.”

“Home” is a funny, flunky sounding country rocker. It has a very strong chorus strung together with Dolly’s fine facility with lyrics and the lady sounding mid-20’s at most.There’s a wild country stomp, inside-out version of the big Bon Jovi video hit “Lay Your Hands On Me.” “Miss Me” is a sad child’s lament, a gorgeous tune of just Dolly’s singing, acoustic guitar and mandolin. “From Here to the Moon” sees good old Willie Nelson playing guitar and singing on this classic, with Dolly joining in after the first chorus, her warble on full alert and “Try” ends the album, a pure joy of a tune, with a slightly banal lyric, but certainly a full commercial ender.

You can’t miss with Dolly Parton…and you don’t on Blue Smoke.

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Dolly Parton: Blue Smoke