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Published On: Thu, May 22nd, 2014

THE SEX FILES: Catching-Up…Once Again

Chris StevieThere’s some catching-up I feel we need to get to this week. Round the globe and across so many backroads and byways of ‘adult’ stuff, let me give you a hint of what I came across recently.

Instructional Sex DVD-

You may have missed the cover of June’s Penthouse Forum, featuring plus-size adult mega star Kelly Shibari. Kelly is the first ever BBW to appear on the cover of that magazine and she’s also featured inside. Kelly is also starring this upcoming month in another plus-size first: Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size will be released at the end of June. Another in the J.D instructional sex DVD series, this time the film focuses sex scenes, commentary and pretty much all you’ll ever need to know about plus size sex. The film stars porn performers Devlyn Red, Angel DeLuca and Scarlet LaVey, as well as non-performer couples Scarlette Cyn and JC Lewis, and Sherri Shaulis and Michael Colbert. Kelly S. narrates and also performs in her own full-length sex scenes with adult star Derrick Pierce. There are three full-length sex scenes available with or without commentary at the end of the film.

Go here to order:

He (or she) with the most toys up their butts wins…

Claiming they have once again invented an innovative sex toy, Fun Factory is releasing their “B Balls” the “only butt plug that reacts to the user’s every move or to the motion of their partner during lovemaking or foreplay.” I have featured plenty of FF stuff here before, the company is Europe’s largest manufacturer of silicone erotic toys and truly tops (in this case ‘bottom’) of their field.

The unique feature of the B Ball is that they contain light inner weights that are set in motion while the user is active (if they are) creating an internal massage sensation. Working off the same kinetic energy principal as Fun Factory’s huge seller (2 million sold and counting) signature “Smart Balls” B Balls might just be what you and your lover are looking for.

See them here:

Get your latex…now!

After 8 years in business Parisian designer Sophie Richardoz is closing the doors on her Parisian latex manufacturing business, HMSlatex.  Taking her inspiration as much from art deco to what was happening in the media around her, Sophie created made-to-order outfits and accessories, saw celebs like Lady Gaga wear her designs and was featured in Elle (to name just one of the many magazines that displayed her wares).
HMSlatex officially closes its doors 7/31 and can be reached here:

Sex Advice

Following-up on a piece I recently featured (see here), HiPleasures, creators and sellers of “Sugar Cum” have just hired a sex advice columnist ‘sexologist’ Dixie Belle to their website team. Each week a new question will be answered and people can send in their queries to

“There has been a lot of mail since we announced that we were having a sex advice column,” says CEO Brittani Feinberg. “Dixie is knowledgeable, entertaining and sexy. She’s ready to help people not only have better sex, but also to get in touch with themselves.”

And lastly-In the so-silly-but-I-need-to-report-it-here-as-to-lighten-your-day category…

The way Chris Sevier (pictured here) of Florida sees it, since his state now allows gay marriage (something he is against) he thinks it is well within the letter of the law to allow him to marry…his Apple computer. Sevier’s silly court filing states that since Apple sold him a device that did not block out the porn he found he became addicted to naughty clip downloads and now prefers the sex he has with/on his computer than with the sex he had/has with women. Therefore since he is ever more intimate with his Apple computer, and wishes to continue to be, why not marry it?

And that’s what I have for you this week in my round-up.

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THE SEX FILES: Catching-Up…Once Again