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Published On: Thu, May 29th, 2014

Tycho: Awake

(Ghostly International)

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Awake, the new album by Tycho, is electronic bliss. Each track on this purely instrumental album rings out with a breath-taking vibrancy and the complexity or purity of emotions is stunningly felt. The run of playful guitar along with the warmth of bass melts “Montana” into breathy wonderment. The track feels as adventurous as gazing up at a multitude of stars while swimming beneath on a clear night. Each track is neatly laced together and unfolds like the hopes of inspired youth and the sweet reminiscence of the seasons; this is the formulaic intelligence that Tycho, who is Scott Hansen, consistently displays. Awake is his fourth album. “L” begins with a bleary spattering of keys. It easily feels like waking up out of an easy slumber with strands of sun dancing across a thin, pale curtain blowing against the breeze. “See” has a move of rhythm that funnels like a moving train. Awake is a masterfully executed bounty. Its engaging rhythms and beautifully expansive instrumentation of warm bass lines and keys shine with sonic amazement.

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Tycho: Awake