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Published On: Mon, Jun 2nd, 2014

The Trews: The Trews

trewsThe Trews
The Trews
(Nettwerk Productions)

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For about a decade, The Trews have been rock mainstays on the charts in their native Canada. Though The Trews is the band’s fifth LP, it feels right for them to lend their name to the record because this is a measured, finely honed collection of songs. Elements of hard rock, folk, and even a little punk blend together to show both range and accessibility.

Opener “Rise in the Wake” wastes no time breaking into some riffs that are reminiscent of fellow Canadians Rush. Before the band can be guilty of bombast, “Age of Miracles” immediately veers the record in an acoustic, Americana direction. A chanted, catchy chorus gives the song a taste of punk and a Frank Turner vibe.

“65 Roses” is a touching, delicate track depicting loss and the importance of celebrating life (“Just light my way when it’s my time/’cause there’s a new star in the sky”). There’s no time to linger though, as “What’s Fair is Fair” is a made-for-radio rock jam showing off vocalist Colin MacDonald’s chops.

The best part of The Trews is that the songs are diverse while still feeling unified. The band employed a PledgeMusic campaign to put out this album, and it’s clear that a loyal fanbase has allowed them to explore these threads of rock and folk. These guys sound like they could hold their own against anyone in the rock mainstream, and hopefully they will make that happen on a larger scale here below the border soon.

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The Trews: The Trews