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Published On: Tue, Jun 10th, 2014

Walter Trout: The Blues Came Callin’

walter tWalter Trout
The Blues Came Callin’
(Mascot Label Group)

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Despite presently waiting on a liver transplant, Walter Trout is delivering as hard, wild and as perfect playing/singing and songwriting as he ever has on his new album, The Blues Came Callin’.

The organ mover “Waistin’ Away” opens with Trout wailing as he sings about mortality (especially poignant given the health concerns that have come to visit the man during his 25th year as a solo artist). “The Bottom Of the River” moves along with a decidedly dark vibe with Trout’s acoustic slinkiness throughout, until he visits the whole concoction with his perfect electric leading. “The Whale Have Swallowed Me” is great funk, again with organ upfront in the mix. “Willie” moves along with Trout, organ and harmonica all shifting around the main riff expertly. “Mayall’s Piano Boogie” sees Trout’s electric playing take second to a wonderful piano (though we do get some electric leading half way through) and “Hard Time,” probably my favorite here, is just all around perfect. Trout leads exactly how he needs to, never overplaying, letting the arrangement of in-the-pocket drums, subtle bass and pulsating organ surpass him when it needs to.

Unfamiliar with Walter Trout’s oeuvre, long time fan salivating with just the thought of a new album by the man, or looking for an education in electric blues of the first order, grab yourself a copy of The Blues Came Callin’. You could not do better.

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Walter Trout: The Blues Came Callin’